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Like most master craftsman, David Soskin’s passion for his work can best be described as “intense” and “limitless”. You may know Dave as a “kitchen whisperer”, but what you might not know is that Dave’s astounding work revisioning and restoring the interiors of homes was founded in and is largely influenced by his work as an abstract artist. Whether painting on canvas, wood, or other mediums… using oil, acrylics, and sometimes even other experimental materials, Dave’s unique style always pushes boundaries of creativity. His pieces can inspire a visual adventure or remarkable conversation. Frequently inspired by nature, Dave paints what he sees. Dave’s painting studio is currently home to several finished pieces, and you can always find a work in progress. If you’re interested in seeing Dave’s abstract paint work, or if you’re interested in speaking with Dave about a private commission, you can visit his painting studio in Wilmette Illinois, or call 847- 772- 4484. You can also see some of Dave’s artwork here!

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