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dave’s decorative painting and custom refinishing

A state of the art spray painting studio

David Soskin has spent his life refining the techniques of painting and understands well that having optimal control of your craft is imperative to achieving the quality that should be expected when working with a Master Painter.

The Custom Process

Mastery in craftsmanship comes from a combination of the right tools, a finely tuned production facility, and a team of the best trained and talented individuals. Dave’s Decorative Painting and Custom Refinishing applies David Soskin’s years of experience to insure every paint or refinish project turns out spectacularly.


Our sanding prep station is a room to itself ! Here we have finishing equipment that is versatile and dust-free allowing for many different production techniques.

Air Flow

Air movement is our next discipline, where we properly control the air movement for both possible overspray as well as optimizing the drying process.

Our custom designed spray booth is located within the main studio area. It’s job is to move 8000 cubic feet per minute of shop air to ensure a job with no overspray and a predictable high quality finish! An Additional exhaust system is used to move the air across the wet painted surface allowing for the paint to dry properly.

Expertise, Tools, and Equipment

Dave’s third discipline is his spray painting expertise and carefully selected collection of professional equipment. Dave and his team have carefully built an equipment list where we are able to meet high quality general production demand along with more complex artistic approaches to refinishing!