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Whether you’re a first time homeowner, or a seasoned interior designer, a kitchen remodeling handled incorrectly can quickly become a disaster. By following these tips from Kitchen Refinishing pro, David Soskin, at Dave’s Decorative Painting and Custom Refinishing, you may be able to avoid a potential kitchen re-design meltdown.

A Good Refinishing Professional Will Offer Flexible Payment Arrangements.
It’s always a good practice to avoid paying a contractor for an entire job up front, but it is common practice and completely normal for a good contractor to ask for a down payment. A down payment establishes good faith between the customer and the contractor and might be necessary to order supplies which may not be part of common inventory, or custom paint colors. For a boutique service provider, the downpayment also serves as that contractor’s financial safety net. Dave’s Decorative Painting and Custom Refinishing for instance requests customers to pay a 50% deposit for custom projects which serves as a safety net should a customer back out of a project. 50% is due upon project completion which serves as a safety net for customers to receive a satisfactory completed project.

You should always trust a person or business working in your home. Avoid working with a contractor who asks for payment in full in advance, and never pay a balance on a project which is not complete in accordance with your agreement.

Avoid Kitchen Refinishing Contractors Who Are Not Insured.
Accidents happen. Make sure your kitchen refinishing painter or kitchen remodeler are insured. Dave’s Decorative Painting and Custom Refinishing carries appropriate business liability insurance to cover accidents should they occur. Nonetheless, be sure to request a copy of any contractor’s insurance policy to confirm they are covered. You certainly don’t want to be left liable to have to pay for any accidents, and asking the right questions could save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Choose Furniture, Appliances, and Hardware First
Be thoughtful from the beginning about following a smart order and process. Paint colors are much easier to customize and match than having to choose furniture, appliances, or hardware like handles or faucets AFTER painting. Once you have chosen the appliances, provide the contractor with all of the specifications.

By choosing your appliances first, the kitchen cabinetry refinishing work will be matched to for all equipment and cabinets. In some cases Dave’s Decorative Painting and Custom Refinishing may even be able to help you take your finishing project one step further by providing further customization to match those elements. Your appliances can include built-in microwaves, refrigerators, wall ovens, and stoves, but considerations may extend to faucets, door and cabinet hardware, and even furniture like tables and chairs.

Research Testimonials, Reviews and Personal Referrals. Do Your Research
The BEST kitchen cabinet and refinishing or customization contractors build their business by continually delivering stellar results. Boutique business like Dave’s acquire new customers through referrals and word of mouth in addition to repeat business.

Avoid choosing a contractor based on coupons or promotions. When your considering work in an investment like your home, use the tools available to insure you’re getting work from the best. Friends, family members, neighbors, and your own research are the most reliable way to get the best of the best.

Consider vetting your potential contractors by searching for “lawsuits” or “complaints”, or by comparing Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and Google Reviews.

Ask the contractor about their process or visit the contractor’s local office. If you’ve not seen Dave’s painting facility, you’d be in for a real treat.

Never Make Your Choice on Pricing Alone
With kitchen remodeling and cabinet refinishing, the old saying “You get what you pay for”, is worth considering. It only takes one conversation with a knowledgeable professional like David Soskin to understand what experience and expertise are really worth.

Choose a contractor based on their results. An experienced contractor will be able to SHOW you a portfolio of completed work, as well as direct you to the reviews and testimonials of satisfied customers.

According to Home Advisor, homeowners might spend an average of $20,301.00 for a complete kitchen remodel.The most expensive projects can quickly climb over $30,000. Your investment deserves spending the time to find the right contractor for the job. Make sure your price is reflective of the value your getting. Cheapest is not always the best route, and sometimes, brand new isn’t always the best route either. Let a pro like Dave help you understand where you money is best invested when it comes to designing your dream kitchen.

Contact David Soskin at Dave’s Decorative Painting and Custom Refinishing to discuss your home or kitchen renovation project. Visit DAVIDSOSKIN.COM or call 847-772-4484 today for more information.

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